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Miller's Crossing (R)

The Coen Brothers (Joel and Ethan) burst onto the filmmaking scene in 1984 with their feature film debut BLOOD SIMPLE, and while their films from subsequent decades (FARGO in 1996 and NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN in 2007) earned them their four Oscar to date, the early efforts in the second half of the 80s that also included RAISING ARIZONA and MILLER'S CROSSING represent some of their most interesting work.

Join us at the ESQUIRE THEATRE as we revisit 3 of these works.

Wearing "multiple hats" of director, writer, producer and sometimes editor (the last under the pseudonym "Roderick James"), the brothers have teamed to create some of the most entertaining and discussed genre send-ups ever -- especially in the crime drama and film noir space -- on the way to establishing themselves among the top living filmmakers:

BLOOD SIMPLE 6/12 at 7:00pm: The endless plot twists of this murder and mayhem mystery that put the Coens on the cinematic radar earned Joel directing awards at Sundance and The Independent Spirit Awards. For most filmgoers, this was the first look at Frances McDormand, who not only went on to star in many other Coens' and other's movies, but ended up marrying Joel. * Introduced and followed by a Q and A with Film Professor Joe Horine.

RASING ARIZONA 6/15 at 7:30pm and 6/16 at 1:00pm: The Coen's next film was an anarchic romp involving kidnapping (a common Coen theme ... think THE BIG LEBOWSKI and FARGO) of a baby and has been ranked the #3 comedy of all time by AFI. Nicholas Cage's mastery of "over the top" acting is a perfect in this film.

MILLER'S CROSSING 6/25 at 7:00pm: Based on Dashiell (MALTESE FALCON, THIN MAN) Hammett novels, this Prohibition-era gangster timepiece that TIME magazine placed in its "Top 100 Movies of All Time" is fascinating for the "tough guy" jargon and vernacular alone, though the scene of mob boss Albert Finney mowing down rivals with a Thompson machine gun to the elegiac lyrics of "Danny Boy" is one of the most memorable moments in all Coen films. * Introduced and followed by a Q and A with Film Professor Joe Horine.

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Thursday, July 18

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Drama , Suspense/Thriller
1 hr. 55 min.


Joel Coen


Joel Coen
Ethan Coen


Gabriel Byrne
Marcia Gay Harden
John Turturro
Jon Polito
J.E. Freeman

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