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Fatal Termination (Chi se da feng bao)

Fatal Termination (Chi se da feng bao)

1 hr 29 min
The bodies of cops, gangsters, and civilians alike begin to pile up when the goods required for a high-stakes arms deal go missing as part of an elaborate scheme to screw over its vicious middleman. But the situation really spirals out of control when two married officers are thrust into the middle of it all, forcing them onto the path of vigilante vengeance. With a star-studded cast including "girls with guns" legend Moon Lee (ANGEL TERMINATORS II), Phillip Ko (THE BOXER'S OMEN), and Ray Lui (HUNTING LIST) and a car chase so irresponsible that you'll never forget it, FATAL TERMINATION is one of the wildest Hong Kong action films ever made.
Fatal Termination (1990)
Outer Cinema Cincinnati - 5/29
Wednesday, May 29, 2024 at 7:30 PM
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  • Genre:Action
  • Director:Yeung-Wah Kam
  • Cast:Simon Yam, Ray Lui, Kiu Wai Miu
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