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Light on IOWA



To celebrate the Cincinnati Art Museum's acquisition of The Nancy Rexroth Collection, the Esquire Theatre has partnered with the museum to bring you a special event showing of the documentary LIGHT ON IOWA, an intimate conversation with artist Nancy Rexroth by Cincinnati filmmaker Ann Segal; followed by an in-person and virtual panel discussion with the artist, the filmmaker and the Cincinnati Art Museum's Curator of Photography, Nathaniel M. Stein.

Photographer Nancy Rexroth’s best-known body of work, IOWA, is considered groundbreaking because of its inherent depth and unexpected qualities. Compiled in the early 1970s when Rexroth, a young photographer studying for a master's degree at Ohio University, found her inspiration in the small towns and rural homes of Appalachian southeast Ohio, IOWA was photographed with a Diana camera, a plastic bodied film camera originally marketed as a novelty in the 1960s and sold in the US for $1. When the Cincinnati Art Museum announced a major, ongoing acquisition of Rexroth’s work in 2019, Ann Segal, a photographer herself, was intrigued by Rexroth’s poetic expression and the thought-provoking nature of her imagerySegal created Light on IOWA, an intimate conversation with Rexroth revealing how spending summers in the Midwest informed her visual acuity and her unique perceptions about photography. Rexroth’s recognizable style can be described as dream-like, bringing to life ordinary subject matter through the use of soft focus, skewed perspectives and selectively blurred details. Light on IOWA is the tenth video in the series Conversations with Photographers produced by Ann Segal.

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